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Dr. Clarence E. Wilson
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This Family History Website contains genealogy information regarding the families of Larry and Jane Wilson. Surnames of particular interest on Larry's side of the family are Brown, Grych, Harvey, McAnally (McNally), Vitosky (Vitovsky), and Wilson.  On Jane's side of the family they are Steere, Cotter, Robinson, and Barney.

Background Information

Larry's earliest known ancestors include Beriah Brown of North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  It is commonly thought that Beriah was the son of Charles Brown of Rowley, Massachusetts who apparently arrived in America from Suffolk, England, around 1640. Other sources suggest that Beriah immigrated directly from Wales to Rhode Island.  A few generations later Jonathan Brown, who fought in the Revolution in Rhode Island, moved to the Hartford / Granville area of Washington County, New York. Jonathan's grandson, Nathan, moved to Dakota, Minnesota, in 1847 and was, therefore, the first non-native settler in Winona County, Minnesota.

Jane's earliest known ancestor was John Steere who settled in Providence, Rhode Island around 1630. Her relations also include the Cotters and Robinsons in Rhode Island, particularly South County and Narragansett. Thus, while Larry grew up in Minnesota and Jane in Rhode Island, they met many years later and discovered that their early ancestors lived only a few miles from each other in Rhode Island.

Special thanks to Francine Smith, Patrick Wilson, Theresa Kohn, and Don Rathbun for all of their contributions and help on the Brown/Wilson lines.

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