Larry's Family Photos

Photographs from Larry's father's side

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Mathias Staack and Family

Mathias Staack (Larry's GG grandfather) with his wife Mary (Peterson). The children are, most likely, Emma (Larry's great grandmother) and Carl. Mathias emigrated to the U.S. from Schleswig-Holstein in the 1860's.

James Gardner Wilson House

Farm house in Dakota, MN. From left to right are most likely son, John Henry, daughter-in-law, Alma, Sarah Brown Wilson, James Gardner Wilson. Picture probably taken around 1900.

James Gardner Wilson
(1832 - 1908)
with Grandchildren

The grandchildren are apparently William Gleason (born Nov. 1891), Inez Gleason (born Oct. 1897), and Edward Gleason (born 1902).  They are the children of Frances (Wilson) Gleason and George Gleason. It is estimated that the picture was taken in the winter of 1904 or 1905.
I had previously misidentified the children as being the offspring of Sarah (Wilson) Grant and Newton Grant.

Clarence E. Wilson

Larry's Great Grandfather as a young man

Etna Elinor (Harvey) Wilson

Larry's Great Grandmother

Dr. Clarence Wilson Office in Dakota, MN

Unidentified individuals in car are probably Clarence and one of his sons.

John and Delbert Wilson

John and Delbert were the two youngest children of James Gardner Wilson, who had a total of 13. In this picture they are apparently posing for a fashion ad.

James Judson Wilson
of Cumberland, WI

This picture was taken in 1959 of Larry Wilson (age 12), Larry's father, Louis James Wilson with James Judson Wilson on right and his daughter Ruby (1914-1991), in center. James Judson Wilson was the son of James Gardner Wilson and, therfore, Louis Wilson's great-uncle

Rolland Wilson and Siblings (Circa 1905)

Left to right are Vida, Rolland (Larry's grandfather), Sylvia, Alice, and Claude

Rolland H. Wilson (1895-1974) and Cocoa, his dog

A picture of Larry's grandfather that was taken in front of Louis Thurow's summer cottage on the Mississippi River between LaMoille and Dakota, MN

Louis and Emma (Staack) Thurow

Larry's great grandfather (1860-1943) and great grandmother (1859-1941)

Thurow Relatives and Friend at Dakota Cottage (1939)

From left to right: Paul Buski (A friend of Louis Thurow and present at almost all family gatherings), Herb Thurow, Rolland H. Wilson, Sr., Bill Thurow and Louis Thurow.

William J. Thurow,
Louis Thurow,
Don Phillips,
Rolland. H. Wilson, Sr.

Picture taken at Louis Thurow's summer cottage on Mississippi River between LaMoille and Dakota, MN.

David Wilson and Rolland, his father

Picture taken in 1936 of David Donn Wilson (1925-1991) and Rolland H. Wilson

Hildred and Dr. Rolland Wilson (1936)

Larry's Grandparents and their car

Laura (Dot) Phillips
Clara Hiestand
Hildred Wilson

Picture taken in August of 1939 at Wilson home in Winona, MN