Letter to Alexander H. Brown

Concerning Jonathan Brown's Revolutionary War Service
(Transcribed from a copy of the original)

Rev. and 1812
Wars Section

July 10, 1929

Alexander H. Brown
1079 Maryland Avenue
Schenectady, New York


I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim S.12312, it appears that Jonathan Brown was born January 30, 1760, at North Kingston, Rhode Island.

While residing at North Kinston, Rhode Island, he enlisted and served as a private with the Rhode Island Troops as follows:

In the spring of 1776, fifteen days in captain Joseph Cases's Company; in July, 1776, fifteen days under Lieu-tenant Thomas; in the fall of 1777, one month in captain John Brown's Company in Colonel Crary's Regiment, and was in General Spencer's Expedition to Rhode Island; from sometime in the spring of 1778, in Captain Alexander Thomas' Company in Colonel John Topham's Regiment; he was in the siege of Newport and the battle at that place and was discharged March 16, 1779.  He also stated that in the fall after the British evacuated Newport, he served on month under Lieutenant Spencer Taylor and Colonel Lemuel Bailey.

After the Revolution he moved from North Kingston, Rhode Island, to Exeter, Rhode Island, where he resided until 1794, when he moved to Granville, Washington County, New York, where he was residing when he was allowed pension on his application executed August 29, 1832.

There are no data as to his family.


Karl D. Church

Thanks to Susan Emella Karg Mroz for providing this document.