Old Cotter Family Photographs

Pictures from Jane's mother's side of the family

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William Henry Cotter

Jane's Grandfather

William Henry Cotter

Another picture of Jane's grandfather

Four Generations

From left to right, Sadie (Barney) Cotter, Alice Cotter (Jane's mother), Edith (Shields) Steere, Edith (Steere) Blanchard. The picture was taken about 1918.

Florence (Steere) Allebaugh, Franklin Steere, Edith (Steere, Barney) Blanchard

Jane's great grandmother on the right with her sister and brother.

Walter Benaiah Barney

Jane's great grandfather who died young.

Sadie (Barney) Cotter

Jane's grandmother (picture taken about 1917)

Sadie Cotter at Grocery Store

Jane's grandmother coming out of Papa's Grocery Store on Boone Street in Narragansett, RI.

Alice Barney Cotter

Jane's mother as a young girl.

Alice Barney Cotter

Jane's mother's high school graduation portrait (1935)

Alice Barney (Cotter) Robinson

Picture of Jane's mother taken on March 31, 1939.