My Portfolio

Below are some of the web sites I have developed along with brief descriptions of the methodology used for each, the purpose and content.

Clarke Farm Condominiums

Clarke Farm is a 42-unit condominium complex located in Narragansett, RI. This web uses templates developed specifically for homeowner/condominium associations using (currently developed on the 3.5 platform). The site utlizes membership services to provide, in addition to content that is available to the general public, a secure "private-side" that is accessible to the members only.

All content on this site is stored in a SQL server database and can be edited by users. Editing and other user capabilities are on assigned roles that can be adjusted by any user having administrator capabilities

Some of the functions provided by this site include:

  • Downloadable documents, both for public and private viewing
  • News articles
  • Ability to e-mail members (selected members, members by role, or all members)
  • Ability for users to contact board members, webmaster, etc., via e-mail
  • Photo Galleries, both on the public and private side of the web site
  • Ability to enter home for sale information, both on the public and private side of the web site
  • Links
  • Discussion forums
  • Polls
  • Membership roster with user-editable profiles (users can hide e-mail addresses if so desired)

Westchester Village Condominiums

This web site is provided for the membership of a 36-unit condominium in Naples, Florida.

This site has the same basic functionality as the Clarke Farm site above  The code for all of the files is the same as the Clarke Farm templates with the exception of a few lines in the confis.sys file that set the database connection and the theme location.  The themes are basically the same also except for colors and images.  The themes could be modified further to provide a totally different look.  This illlustrates how a single set of files can be used as templates for multiple web sites and for multiple customers.

Wilson's Weblog

This site is a blog using WordPress software and the Weaver theme.  I use it primarily as a personal reading journal to keep track of what I read, but other users are welcome to log on and comment (something that rarely happens).

The site uses custom fields for the book titles, authors, and a star rating that I provide.  I use the "Custom Fields" Plug-in developed by Tim Berger in Germany to index and retrieve blog entries that have been coded with this information.

I particularly like the Weaver theme for its ability to customize the layout of this site.

Larry and Jane's Family Tree

This is the first web site I built back around 2001 and it's still in use!  The technology is somewhat old as all of the content is hard-coded in HTML.  There are also some PERL cgi scripts that I wouldn't attempt to use in today's environment.  The site also makes extensive use of tables to structure the presentation.

The design is also very traditional, but I think it reflects the subject matter well;  genealogy is, after all, the study of old stuff is it not?